Parental Alienation

Parental alienation sometimes occurs when parents engage in a high-conflict separation or divorce. Parental alienation means that the child has become enmeshed with one parent (the preferred parent) and has rejected a relationship with the other parent (the target parent) without legitimate justification.

End Parental Alienation

A not-for-profit website, run by Linda Gottlieb and devoted to providing education about this emotional form of child abuse to those professionals who intervene in the area of child custody, to those who have been victimized by alienation, and to every parent who is in the process of separating from the other parent.

Amy J. L. Baker, Ph.D

Researcher, expert, author, and coach in parental alienation

Dr. Baker and colleagues are pleased to offer a new service for targeted parents and their adult alienated children:  The Restoring Family Connections Program. The program is designed to be implemented by licensed mental health professionals on an outpatient voluntary basis. 

Family Access | Fighting for Children’s Rights

Family Access-Fighting for Children’s Rights is a 501 C3 foundation.Donations are tax deductible. All money donated will be used strictly for the cause and our work. We are working to support, educate and bring more awareness to both the alienated family members as well as the professionals who work in the field of alienation.